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the permits. >> they started replacing some pipe. opefully after today -- hopefully after today they won't replace anymore till the issue gets resolved. >> reporter: chevron made its choice of one type of pipe. >> we will not start till the findings and our actions have been communicated. >> reporter: another investigator wrote chevron a letter saying their choice over another kind of pipe may not avoid a repeat of the fire. >> step back and take the time to get consensus about how this should occur. >> reporter: chevron insists everything is not corroded. >> we have not found a single
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component yet that is demonstrating the corrosion. >> reporter: they will review all of the current and future permits to tomorrow night. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. and coming up, one bay area oil company who bid during california's first ever cap and trade auction. who did and did not get their hands on the credits. the man accused of gunning down 7 people at osi ow -- at oikos university may serve from a mental illness. ktvu's patty lee has more. >> reporter: the public defender's office conclouds one goh is not compline -- concludes one goh is not mentally competent to stand trial but the family thinks he is faking insanity.
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>> reporter: he can't speak about his wife without choking up. she was killed at oikos university in april. today he wanted to look at the man charged with the crime. 44 years old one goh. >> shouldn't be a cowered. >> reporter: he fears one goh who confessed to the shooting is faking insanity to get away with it. >> he is playing the system. >> reporter: today one goh's lawyers told us a psychiatrist diginosed him as a paranoid -- diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic. >> i know he has a fixed delusion about the battle between good and evil. >> the defense still needs a second opinion for which one goh asked for an interpreter. >> made him unable to cooperate
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and assist me as counsel. >> reporter: he says it is obvious one goh is gaining the system. according to had defense the fact he speaks english is an indication of just how sick he is. >> talks to his lawyer in english. >> reporter: an for instructor at oikos university says if he is found incompetent then justice will not be served and that will be a bitter pill for this campus to swallow. on tuesday they will hold a memorial service to remember and honor the 7 lives lost. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the six oikos university students and employee whose were killed. a school secretary, a young woman working towards her
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nussing degree and a janitor who took -- nursing degree and a janitor who took class there. in the last hour we learned a boy who was shot this afternoon in san jose is expected to survive. the shooting happened after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. police say the injured teen is 16-17 years old. people in the area tell ktvu he was shot twice. investigators say it may be gang related. at this point no arrests have been made. san jose police released a sketch of two men accused of homicide and opening fire on two police officers. police arrested jonathan wilbanks of san jose friday night. they say he shot and killed a man during a carjacking. authorities identified the victim. the two men then committed three more armed robberies
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before shooting at an officer. the other suspect is still on the run. take a look at this. this is video from a surveillance camera. shows them inside a gas station. the they are offering a $20,000 reward for information in this case. >> police arrested five people in connection with a killing of a homeless man this weekend. these five people are accused of killing a 51-year-old at a camp site. the victim's name hasn't been released. investigators believe there was a fight before the killing. pg&e is offering a $10,000 reward for the information leading to an arrest for the kidnapping of a woman. she was leaving work on november 7 when the two men grabbed her. you are looking at images of one of the suspects.
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they drove the woman to atms and with drew cash before abandoning her in the oakland hills. >> happening now, a protest in downtown san francisco as palestinian supporters face-off against israeli supporters. ktvu's noelle walker is live there with more. >> reporter: 10 minutes ago it was so loud. right now the police moved the barricades back. the streets here is still closed but they are preparing to open it up. the protesters are now on the move. >> reporter: outside the consulate protesters on both sides faced off in dueling demonstrations. the conflict isn't playing out in the form of protests for
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her, she moved to israel last year. i spoke to her. >> this weekend i didn't leave my house. didn't want to go and be stuck in a situation i don't know what to do. >> reporter: rockets that are apart of daily life are now heard over head in the central part of israel. >> i first for the time heard a siren and experienced in real time what it is like to be under attack. >> that is us with the boat. >> reporter: trying to break the blockade of gaza. >> the people in palestinian want to go back. if that were possible, i think, that would be 90% of the
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solution. >> reporter: for now the explosions are more frequent and the protests continue. >> reporter: montgomery street is now reopened to traffic. if you are trafficking in this area, the pro e -- traveling in this area, the protesters left here and headed over to union square. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in the middle east the death toll continues to climb. 109 people have been killed in this conflict. >> smoke billowed from this building in gaza where one person was killed. leaders say today's attack targeted 4 officials. it is the 6th 6th day against gaza. is following the
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violence and you will find the latest. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi offense says he will attend a healing arts festival. they are hosting the event on november 24 at the dance mission theater and the group says ross mirkarimi is invited to receive healing. nurses plan to go on strike at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, marking the second time they have done so. it will impact sutter hospitals. other nurses are also walking off their jobs. they say the hospitals want to make cuts. officials say they have said in the past they need to control
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cost because of lower reimbursement rates. another strike involving janitors, clerks and maintenance workers at oakland international airport is two hours away. they plan to hit the picket line at 9:00 p.m. tonight. port of oakland officials say it should not impact travel services. a fire station in eastern contra costa county reopened after being closed for 4-1/2 months. they are one of three that closed after voters rejected a parcel tax but it reopened this weekend after they received a federal grant. it should keep them operating for the next two years. apple stock rose again today. they are struggled with leadership shake ups and a more competitive market. it put investors into a two
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months sell off. today the market closed with shares at more than $565. it is a daily gain of more than $38. the city counsel is set to discuss a ban on people living in their cars. it would involve a three month program that would allow people to live in their cars in certain parking lots, such as churches or businesses. it comes after some complained about peoplingive alling in their cars -- people living in their cars. the new treatment that shepping people fight -- that is helping people fight depression. >> showers by tomorrow night. i have the latest computer model, when the rain starts and when it ends.
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and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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police arrested a third suspect in the shooting death of a man at a park. he was gunned down at the park in september. mese now say -- police say they now arrested a man in oakland in connection with the killing. two other people who were arrested earlier have been charged with murder. investigators say he was involved in a feud with him. the california air resources board preleased details of the first -- released details of the first cap and trade auctions. companies will pay $10 for each ton of greenhouse gases. 23million permits were sold. the auction raised $300 million for the state.
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cap and trade is a esession component. ecension component. many saying it will hurt california's economic recovery. brain stimulation technology to treat depression. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us how with how it works. >> reporter: doctors say pulses can undo depression. gloomy weather, shorter day light can trigger depression. >> reporter: 1-10 american adults live with major depression. >> i struggled with depression for a long time. since i was a child.
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>> reporter: two years of medications weren't working. >> it wreaked havoc on my life. my husband left and i had lots of terrible things going on. >> a gradual increasing down hill course with more frequent episodes and more severe. >> reporter: this summer he began this ground breaking therapy. tms. this fda approved machine focuses pulses into one area. >> when it moves over the nerves it induces activity. >> reporter: that activates the brain's system that controls mood, restoring balance and neuro transmitters. regulating depressed brain activity without drugs. >> to be more active without
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having to be invasive. >> changed my life. first thing that ever successfully got me to a place where it is not something i need to manage. >> reporter: the cost about $10,000 is now covered by some insurance. she said it feels like a slight tingling in her head. there are few side effects and it provides improvement for 80% of patients. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >> the national survey on drug use says 69% of adults with major depression talked with a doctor and used prescription drugs. 23% did not use meditation and 6% took prescription medication but did not consult a doctor.
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facebook is rolling out a new tool showing how they drive online shopping. facebook will begin offering online retailers a way of tracking purchases by members who view their ad. it fits in with facebook's larger goal of convincing companies that facebook ads are effective. some bargain shoppers are already in line for black friday deals. we caught up with a dozen folks camped out at the best buy waiting waiting for deep discounts on tvs, blu-ray players and cameras. getting ready to track showers in here as the rain moves into the state. you can see it right there. the front lies in this area here. you can see the sweep. and cool air behind it that gives us scattered showers on
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wednesday morning. this happens as we get into tuesday afternoon into tuesday evening. you can see showers aroundbuke county, humboldt county. aroundbuke county, humboldt county. north bay, they show up at 1:00 p.m. these are the highs from today. tomorrow, increasing clouds. san francisco south, most of your day, what is the big deal, few clouds. into the evening, the rain starts. in the north bay, showers around lunchtime. over night lows tonight in the low 50s. upper 40s. computer model does this. okay. here we are. tuesday 1:00 p.m. look where the showers are. right here. watch as we move forward.
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5 hours. stays here. in the north bay, rain, rain, rain, rain. in san jose, it is sun, sun, sun, sun. what is the big deal? this happens all the time. this is what happens tomorrow. front stalls out. 6:00, you are waiting, it happens around 9:00 p.m. by 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. it moves into the central bay. you get the picture. watch. through. so the timing -- stalled front. but it is a good plan. it gets hung up and it will rain. they will get an inch of rain. fremont, a drizzle. highs tomorrow represent the fact it isn't going to be that rainy in san jose. 66 degrees in san jose. five-day forecast looks like this. time we get the rain. this will be a slow mover. north bay, maybe san francisco
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will be wet. everybody else not till 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 we are following a afternoon shooting in san jose that left a teen hospitalized. plus the search for a suspect. also -- >> friends and family say he should stay. why they say a man's case is a test for the obama administration. >> join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. a turkey in one hand and his newborn in another, what police did to help this family have a memorable thanksgiving. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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the salvation army is looking for a few good bell ringers. they need volunteers. a salvation army spokes person say it may take a financial hit if they have to hire. oakland police officers deserved a baby -- delivered a baby boy and today they brought the baby another surprise. three oakland police officers delivered the baby at a gas
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station two weekends ago. today volunteers delivered a special thanksgiving dinner. >> the baby was born 7 pounds, 13-ounces and the turkey was 13 pounds. so the turkey is larger than the baby. >> you can go to and find out how you can help families in indeed this season. >> okay. mark is here with sports. raiders need to deliver some touchdowns. >> they could use bell ringers too. they are getting blown out on a regular basis. the only thing to cheer about, the former coach in town for football. then the 13th connective sell out crowd settles in to watch drew brees and the saints take
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the raiders apart. the owner mark davis feels the pain just like the fans. >> i apologize for them, i am embarrassed for them as well. i feel for them. we will get it right. for them. i can feel how they feel, i am the same way, i am a fan. i take responsibility for him. we will get it right. >> i am with him. i am frustrated. you wake up this morning and your gut hurts but at the same time, you know, when a man gets knocked down, a man gets up and fights and that is what we intend to do. >> warriors facing tif competition in -- stiff competition in dallas. mediocre beginning. 5-5 for the warriors so far. never easy against the mavs. jennings looking good here.
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he is fouled. 3three-point play and that is how much they were leading after one quarter. still still up by three. battle of the backup quarterbacks at the stick tonight. mean time, looking like the 49ers back up is better than the bear's back up. 17-0. >> all right. thank you. oakland international airport workers plan to work off the job. we will have a live update all whether this could spread to the paul the -- spread to the port of oakland and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. [ crickets chirping ]
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]

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